Episode 33 - Josh Marvin

July 11, 2017

 On this episode I head over to Josh's house and do a podcast. I've know Josh a handfull of years now. He is an awesome fella. We first met going to a bowshoot and from the moment I met him he has always been a super positive guy. In the podcast we go over all sorts of subjects from his fat days to how bad he wants to kill a roosevelt elk. I think this podcast people can relate just having a good time with one of your friends. ENJOY!!!!


Episode 32 - We back at it!!!!

July 4, 2017

 I know we took a two month break. My wife and I had a child. So it took some time getting back into the grove again. I didn't want to release a podcast without having more than one done. So with that said, we are back at it. We are just here having a good time shooting the breeze. We go over topics ranging from arrow building, to long range hunting and packing in with llamas. So if you enjoy this podcast like it and give us a review on itune and if you really like it share it. Thanks Jesse.


Four4Four - Osceola Turkeys

April 29, 2017

On this episode we are checking in from turkey hunt camp! We were slap in the middle of Florida’s Osceola turkey season and off to what would ultimately turn out being a hunt of lifetime. Adam, Sam, Orie and Dave all chime in on their success stories from Disston Ranch. Well….Sam didn’t get to tell his story because his hadn’t been written yet. It was almost surreal listening back on how Sam had a premonition of how his hunt would unfold. We will have to tell his story at another time or just look out for the film coming soon.

Looking to get that Osceola to add to the slam? Ask us how we can set you up at the Disston Ranch in Central Florida...It won't disappoint. 

This podcast was a lot of fun. Take me Back!! Adam



Episode 30 - Josh Nordwick Mtn Fit

April 14, 2017

 What's up everyone? On this podcast I had the privilege to sit down with Josh Nordwick. I love talking to people that are super knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. This fits Josh to a tee. His thing is fitness and he loves training hunters. So it was a no brainer that he would be a great fit on the southern draw podcast. If you're looking to get mtn fit he would be the first person I got a hold of. Especially if you're coming from the south trying to prepare yourself for your first western hunt. Our subject matter for the podcast was originally going to be how to prepare for a western hunt. I kinda of went away from that and we just got to know one another. So hopefully you enjoy this episode.

Thanks Southern Draw.


Episode 29 - Aaron Kuntzelman

April 10, 2017

 This episode I sit down with my buddy Aaron Kuntzelman. We go way back till our bball days growing up in oregon. Before we had Aaron on we have never had a non hunter on the podcast. It's always been about some hunting topic. I felt like Aaron would be a perfect person to be on that isn't a hunter. Just because he spends so much time in the outdoors. I love bouncing ideas off of people that will have a different perspective than my own. He is also starting an epic adventure that will check off a life long goal of his. He is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail also known as the PCT. I will say I am extremely jealous since this is also a life long dream of mine to do this. For Aaron to be able to do this is just incredible. In the episode we cover how to plan the trip and what are some things you might not think of, that will come in handy on the trail. This is going to be a series as we keep in touch with Aaron on his epic journey. I hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure you go follow him on IG momentsthroughaaron he will be posting throught out his trip. Thanks for tunning in Jesse.



Episode 28 - Faith, family, and hunting. Top Priority

April 3, 2017

On this epispde sam sits down with the guys from Top Priority. They go over what is their Top Priority. For them it's faith, family and hunting. It's nice to see people filming for all the right reasons. Then they talk about how they got started and what made them take the next step ib their film making. Hopefuly you enjoy this episode. Thanks Southern Draw


Episode 27 - Josh Moremen

March 27, 2017

 In this episode we go over some tech gear. The new inreach to be exact. This is a piece of hunting gear that can easily save your life. So you will want to see what is new for the garmin model. We talk about his newest purchase. The sony a7sii is the camera josh just bought from amazon. It's a great low light mirrorless camera. Exelent in getting that shot at first and last light. After we talk about the camera we go over some filming. Then we dig into some frustrations we have within the hunting community. So hopefully you guys enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening. 


Episode 26 - Nate Main “Waterfowl Talk”

March 20, 2017

In this episode Jesse and Adam had the privilege of sitting down with one of Jesse's old college teammates, Nate Main.  We had a lot of fun picking Nate's brain on western waterfowl hunting.  He is one of the most accomplished waterfowl hunters that we've ever met and it was clear from the start that waterfowl hunting is one of Nate's biggest passions in life.  As a group each of us try to hunt waterfowl every year but with our irons in many fires it gets the least of our time, hence the least of our success.  It was awesome to learn the drive, tactics, and knowhow of someone that is much more proficient in killing waterfowl than we are.  We got schooled up on how, "matching the hatch" is important to a good decoy spread, how large detailed spreads are productive in slaying geese and how onXmaps maps can also be a waterfowlers best friend when navigating rivers and adjacent tributaries.  Nate also elaborates on how important scouting the birds you hunt can lead to more quality hunts over quantity of days a field.  So hopefully you learn something and have a few laughs. Thanks for all the support. 

Southern Draw


Episode 25 - Garrett Aida | CEO of Dark Energy

March 13, 2017

On this episode we sit down with Dark Energy’s CEO Garrett Aida.  Garrett is an awesome guy that created an awesome product.  He designed, developed and launched the Poseidon portable power source with rugged hunting conditions in mind.  The Poseidon is quickly becoming the newest addition in every outdoorsman kit, it’s literally indestructible.  We personally love the Poseidon and can’t wait for what new products Dark Energy will be unveiling next. 

We talk about Garrett’s early life, his studies, launching Dark Energy, crowd funding, workloads, passions and motivations.  This podcast was a lot of fun and after getting to know Garrett it’s no wonder he’s having such success.  Who wouldn’t want to invest in a guy like this?

If you haven’t pick up a Poseidon yet…what are you waiting for!? Thanks for listening. Leave us comment.

Southern Draw


Episode 24 - Two dudes and a conversation.

March 6, 2017

This podcast is just two dudes and a conversation. Adam and I are super good friends so hopefully that is conveyed in this podcast. This episode you should be able to see what it's like to be in our hunting group. This is who we are. We are always going to be true to ourselves and we hope that's what you guys see. Thanks for listening Jesse.