Episode 26 - Nate Main “Waterfowl Talk”

March 20, 2017

In this episode Jesse and Adam had the privilege of sitting down with one of Jesse's old college teammates, Nate Main.  We had a lot of fun picking Nate's brain on western waterfowl hunting.  He is one of the most accomplished waterfowl hunters that we've ever met and it was clear from the start that waterfowl hunting is one of Nate's biggest passions in life.  As a group each of us try to hunt waterfowl every year but with our irons in many fires it gets the least of our time, hence the least of our success.  It was awesome to learn the drive, tactics, and knowhow of someone that is much more proficient in killing waterfowl than we are.  We got schooled up on how, "matching the hatch" is important to a good decoy spread, how large detailed spreads are productive in slaying geese and how onXmaps maps can also be a waterfowlers best friend when navigating rivers and adjacent tributaries.  Nate also elaborates on how important scouting the birds you hunt can lead to more quality hunts over quantity of days a field.  So hopefully you learn something and have a few laughs. Thanks for all the support. 

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