Episode 29 - Aaron Kuntzelman

April 10, 2017

 This episode I sit down with my buddy Aaron Kuntzelman. We go way back till our bball days growing up in oregon. Before we had Aaron on we have never had a non hunter on the podcast. It's always been about some hunting topic. I felt like Aaron would be a perfect person to be on that isn't a hunter. Just because he spends so much time in the outdoors. I love bouncing ideas off of people that will have a different perspective than my own. He is also starting an epic adventure that will check off a life long goal of his. He is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail also known as the PCT. I will say I am extremely jealous since this is also a life long dream of mine to do this. For Aaron to be able to do this is just incredible. In the episode we cover how to plan the trip and what are some things you might not think of, that will come in handy on the trail. This is going to be a series as we keep in touch with Aaron on his epic journey. I hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure you go follow him on IG momentsthroughaaron he will be posting throught out his trip. Thanks for tunning in Jesse.



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