Four4Four - Osceola Turkeys

April 29, 2017

On this episode we are checking in from turkey hunt camp! We were slap in the middle of Florida’s Osceola turkey season and off to what would ultimately turn out being a hunt of lifetime. Adam, Sam, Orie and Dave all chime in on their success stories from Disston Ranch. Well….Sam didn’t get to tell his story because his hadn’t been written yet. It was almost surreal listening back on how Sam had a premonition of how his hunt would unfold. We will have to tell his story at another time or just look out for the film coming soon.

Looking to get that Osceola to add to the slam? Ask us how we can set you up at the Disston Ranch in Central Florida...It won't disappoint. 

This podcast was a lot of fun. Take me Back!! Adam



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